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The service we supply:

1. Sourcing good manufacturers, reducing procurement cost for our customers
When your company is unceasingly expanding, you need to purchase more and more goods and materials, thus you must invest much more procurement cost. You need professional technicians, managers, quality control personnel, sourcing specialists, logistics. You must give a lot of care about these matters. Many multinational corporations had to set up offices in China in order to succeed in the Chinese market, but now this might not be necessary, for we can do all this work for you. We are your sourcing department, purchasing department, QC department, logistics department, and you can devote all of your energy to your customers. You only need to tell us your customers requirements. You will reduce much unnecessary cost. And we are different from the trade companies, as they pursue the maximum profit for their own companies. We, on the other hand, are sourcing the goods solely for your profit. We are your procurement department. We work for you, this is the essence. We have plenty of profiles of suppliers and distribution of materials as we have the vigorous support from the manufacturers belonging to the Electron Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, we have the professional technicians and engineers. When you send us a requirement, we will satisfy you with our best service with the fastest speed.

2. Investigating and visiting manufacturers for our customers
In order to purchase goods successfully, you need to spend much manpower and material resources to investigate the production capability, quality, service of your suppliers. And we have established detailed profiles for the manufacturers in our data base. We have already investigated the manufacturers on all sides, and have recorded them and also filed them away. Meanwhile our experienced professionals investigate and visit the manufacturers continuously, and we send you the latest feedback to help you choose the most suitable manufacturers.

3. Discussing reasonable prices, providing the newest price development periodically
The price influences the sales and your profit directly, so you must be very concerned for it. As we know well the key factors and manufacturing processes which determine the prices, we can help you to discuss with the manufacturers and get reasonable prices. You only need to let us know your purchasing requirements including the quality, target prices, and delivery time. We will find a supplier you need in the shortest time, and we will discuss the best prices and provide the supplier¡¯s information to you, then you can make the decision. Moreover, we can provide you the newest price development along with the market, with which you can adjust your sales and compete more steadily.

4. Arranging supply of goods for our customers
When you purchase a large amount of different kinds of goods, sometimes you will not consider the cost of every product. We can help you reduce the cost, as we are the company based in Jiangsu Electron Chamber of Commerce. There are plenty of manufacturers who support us, and we have absolute advantages for arranging the goods. We can be responsible for whatever goods you want.

5. Ensuring quality for our customers
In order to avoid quality problems, you must inspect the products at the production location before shipment. Examining the quality is one of the services we provide. That is why we hired many professionals to guarantee excellent quality control. They will inspect the products more often at the production site and before shipment in order to assure good quality, correct quantity and perfect packaging.

6. Working as your warehouse and transit warehouse
When you are an all-around purchasing company, there are many kinds of products you purchase. We can help you organize all of your goods, bulk pack them attaching the packing list to make sure they will not be damaged during shipment and make it easy to check and approve variety and quantity. When the sales volume is big, you need a big warehouse. Considering the purchasing period and shipping period, you can have us work as your warehouse, you will lessen the pressure of stock and capital turnover.

7. Controlling the payment and shipment for our customers
We can act as a third party to help you manage and control the payment in order to assure the correctness and time reliability for the goods. We can assure safety for your business.

8. Handling the import and export formalities for our customers
Many manufacturers have no qualification for import and export, they must authorize other companies to ship the goods. When you purchase many products from different suppliers much time is required to collect goods and there are complicated formalities and high banking charges. We can do all of this work for you as well.

9. Distributing goods for our customers
When you have the sales requirement from your commercial network, you can send the order information to us, our specialists will help you distribute goods to your customers, thus transaction time will be shortened, and of course the cost will be less.

10. Arranging updated field information for our customers
Along with market economic development, we will provide timely updated product information. We research and gather the newest information in the field and provide these to you, therefore you can have this advantage in the market.

11. Sourcing new products and opportunity for our customers
In economic competition, you need to update products and seek new opportunity. You will be supplied the resources from us to achieve an alternative of the old products to new products, and you will always have advanced products from us. In addition, you will find new opportunity from our updated information.

12. Designing, developing and assembling products for our customers
You will design your own products with distinguishing features in order to make your products stand out in the market. You probably need a capable company to help you achieve it. We can do it. We will unite our professional engineers¡¯ talent with the manufacturer¡¯s capability, design and develop products for you. And when a product which parts are produced in several different factories, we can organize all the parts and assemble in our warehouse.

13. Seeking the cooperative partners in China for our customers
When you have a steady quantity of product, you need a good cooperative company. You can use our resources to find your most suitable manufacture to consolidate your customers. When your customer needs to develop new products, we will choose the best manufacture to help you for the developing.

14. Be your selling agency in China
When you sell goods in China, we can find customers from our platform and be your selling agency in China.

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